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Sunday, May 4, 2008

FIRST n SECOND advertiser from Nuffnang..

just checked my inbox... and was so surprised that i got emails from nuffnang...!!.

title : Incoming Advertisement on your Blog!! ... 

An advertiser has chosen to advertise on maro^gal space.

-part of the email-

its so owesome...  so happy ar..!!! .. never expect i was chosen.....

there will be 2 advertiser .... cool!! 
1. the upper leaderboard ad is by JetStar   - Australia and Singapore new low fares airline for Australia and the Asia Pacific
2. the large rectangle ad at the middle of blog is by Marie France - ahaha who is interested in beauty can go in have a view on the latest special promotions. 

**btw.. i actually dont really understand... wats the difference between nuffnang automatically place the ad on my blog... and...  sending email telling me i'm chosen by those selected advertiser ??

but still .. thanx NuFFnang..!!!



  1. this one if i'm not mistaken is CPM ads which is their payment depands on numbers of unique visitors come to your blog during the period of advertisement.
    and the ordinary ads is CPC, only get paid when visitor click the ads.

    Nway, congrat! I got the same ads as you..LOLS.. :P

  2. i have the jetstar ads too. heh.

  3. haha thx u all...

    izzat, if really CPM... then it will be cool leh.. ahaha

  4. wowow .. congratz... now can earn more money here.. hehe.. treat us for icecream...kekeke


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