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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bus Crash No More

my fren send me a link on this the other day... today i saw a fren posting tis also... so i also put in my 2 cent and help to send awareness to my frenz and others on this issue.

Recently, more and more bus crash incident happen in Malaysia....

mostly is due to reckless of the bus driver or the bus company problem it self.... these are not excusable lor... why these bus company or bus driver still can be free on the road even they had several summons on them??...

sleepy bus driver? drunken bus driver?? summons bus.... hahahaa msia really got lots of these funny reason that occur a bus crash.... since so many bus crash had happened, why do they not double concern on this issue?... continue for the history to repeat and repeat...

is a BUS ah... so many ppl in there.... so many lifes on a hand of a bus driver....

sad to say... is sooo not safe in Malaysia..... haiz... dont mention they speeding on high-ways... but buses speeding even in narrow roads... and even goin up hill =.=''

the recent incident happen at the Slim River on Jan 25, took away 3 uni student age range from 20 to 23. Hundreds of thousands of university student just like tham and us rely on such public transport to travel back home. A human life should not be taken lightly.

For further information and pictures related can refer to the Blog :
you may also find an online petition created in that Blog.

*Source : Bus Crash No More


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