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Sunday, January 20, 2008

seeing trichologist again

hey.... i met tis trichologist last year..... and just 1 year later today... i meet him again....

after checking on my hair and scalp he ask me...whether i follow wat he told me last year to control my diet.. wat to eat and wat not to eat.... kekeee... i honestly told me.... not really...cos is too hard to follow la.....  how can i giv up some of my favourite food.... aiks...

and here it goes.... he ask me try to follow his instruction and see wats the results show... at least for 3 months.... OMG..!!!!

he gave me some print outs.. and he highlighted some notes important to me

Christopher Wainwright : the Naturopath Trichologist, from Australia.

for effective treat i must take/undertake the following:
- protein consumption, especially eggs (never consume raw eggs); fish. 
try to have it each meal, especially breakfast.....  [breakfast eat fish... aiyo...]
- take an iron supplement
- take a Zinc supplement / eat a handful of pumpkin seeds daily...  0.O
- take a B complex supplement daily
- take an Omega 3 supplement / eat fish daily
- eat seaweed daily  [luckily i love tis]
- eat GARLIC daily  [omg... the food i hate most... gosh..]
- Do NOT lose any body weight  [hmmm i'm gaining weight la... at tummy... ahhahaaa]

why so many things to take in A DAY???....

Digestive foods:
= food tat stimulate the liver - 1/2 lemons in warm water before meals
Food tat help digestion:
- pawpaw  [is papaya]
- kiwi fruit
- pineapple (also eat the core as this is anticarcinogenic)
- yoghurt  (for beneficial gut microbes)
- sauerkraut (for beneficial gut microbes)  [i jus learn tis word from duckie... is kind of cabbage but is sour geh... =.='']

come to the worst part...!!

Disallowed Foods
Grains - all grains are not permitted, eg CORN, wheat, wheat germ, barley, oats, SOY etc  [omg... my fav corn... barley tong sui... soya bean... oh no..!!!  luckily rice still can eat.. gosh..]
Dairy - all variations of MILK are NOT allowed, whole, skim, choco etc... 
[how can u stop me from drinking something i start to drink since i'm born??.... MILK..!!!... and even choco milk???.. oh no..!!!!..... wat la..!!!!!!  =.='' dam dei la me...!!!!!! ]

haiz.... wat shall i do??.. follow or not??..... Hmmmmmmmm....
gik sei yan la..!!!



  1. whahahaha.. you ask your mum for advise la... follow or not follow...


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