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Monday, December 3, 2007

over slept

kekeee... tis morning i cant wake up ar..!!! 2 alarms also cant wake me up.... i totally have no idea when my finger shift off jor the the alarm... hahaaa

so piggy me la... jus cant get up until mum came and shout on me..''today no need work ar??'' only i jump up from my lovely beddy.... heheee

but pinhan wait me outside the house abit ler... hehee.... luckily still on time for work...

i'm so tired and sleepy now ah..!!! how nice i have my bed beside me now..

monday blue and blur..!! i wan to add somemore.... sleepy too gar..!!!!




  1. ehhehe
    pity u
    even though the 2 alarms didnt wake u up
    u still got 1 human-alarm
    ur mom!!!
    mom always the best alarm in the world!!!!

  2. haha... yaya u are right...
    human alarm is the best alarm...

    but if is mum will get scolded wan after wake u up... ahhaaa


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