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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

cleanin messy room and collections

hahaaa... i actually wanted to clean my room long long time ago... but always clean jor still left many things ng share duck throw..... so 2 weeks ago..... no where to go.. suddenly decided to clean har my room's table, drawer... hahaa...

and i found something funny and even 10 yrs ago things still i keep.... no wonder dad say my room is dustbin.. hahaaaa
the 11 yrs ago resit... i found it in a lil purse.. i recall back last time i keep cos its my 1st expensive watch i bought wif my angpao money.. hehee.. baby G... but now alr turn yellow-ish jor.. donno change battery can use or not...

another is a few pieceful crunch paper... hahaa.. i read also laugh die me..... primary tat time yuen loi i got juet gao (绝交) wif fren b4.. ahaaha .... the most funniest is not its.... is the letter.. i look at it.. is not my handwriting also... i where got write so neat gar.. hahaaa.. but the name is i wrote wan... choi... letter also fren wrote for me wan.. hahahaaaaa

hehee.. and found tis keychain....i primary tat time went HK ocean park.. hahaa... dont let u all see my silly pix... hahaaa....
and some other.. old things... many things i small tat time use wan i still keep.. haha really beh tahan myself also... but tis time.. i close 1 eye and throw alot jor..!!!.... last i donno throw how many big plastic bags of rubbish.. hahahaa .. clean tis also whole day jor...

then.. last weekend.. i clean my cupboard tis time.... ho ho ho... all my collections.. wah.. tis wan really took me around 7 hours.... clean till i headache... cos have to rearrange and i wanna change the arrangement.. hahhaaaa.... the upper cupboard.. changes all to my collections jor....

previously all in the bottom closed cupboard.. now i took them out for pameran.. hahaaaa.. so nice must show show ppl mar... nice mo?? but not all is here also... some still have to keep under the closed cupboard...

i clean half way.. mum came in... luckily she dint shouted seeing all these.... hahaaaaa
i also donno when i did collected so much albums also..... 80% is sammi'z albums.. hahaa.. 15% is hocc wan.. and 5% is andy hui wan.. ahaaa..... wonder i got really listen to all albums b4 or not.. kekeeee...

hehee... now i have a fresher environment room... but still need to throw more things... cos donno why still many things.. hhahaa..



  1. OMG... really quite messy... whahaa.. luckily you finished cleaning leh...

  2. really wanna go ur hosue
    and rob all ur collections

  3. kekee... ya ler.. my dirty room..

    goolk... wah... come to my house visit me enuf jor.. don rob my collection wor... hehee.. borrow can la..

  4. you so fast clean it..
    i haven't start ler..
    feel lazy...
    you also bought a lot of original albums mah...hehe
    NOT ONLY ME la..haha

  5. haha finally u clean ur room..keke..hak sei yan la ur collection...dono how many thousand there lol...give me some la..

  6. uu : i buy til very poor jor... hahaa.. u more than me lar

    leng lui: choi... wont hak sei wan..
    err.. got thousand la.. but donno how many.. heheee...
    sssssss... some?? how to giv some ar.. they must stick together wan.. kekeeee


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