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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

yuckie lunchie today

Haha my lunch today at sky kingdom cafe. But very nan chi. I almost throw all everything back to them. Mee so dry so tasteless. De pai kuat no meat only flour and salty. Oh no. =.=""

* eh... i post tis using my hp gar... directly send to blogger... cool mo??... hahaaa..

**posted with K810**


  1. cool of cos la... maybe they charged your phone bill liau :p

  2. i never try before...
    next time teach me..hehe
    btw, welcome to blogspot

  3. jac : hmmm.. need charge alot??. i tot jus the wap charges.. but its jus 2 sencond then get thru jor..

    uu : hahaa.. np very easy only...


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