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Monday, October 29, 2007

exhausting =.=

nothing special today..

still moody..

don feel like talking..
don feel like working..
don feel like sleeping..
don feel like doin anything..
just wanted to continue day-dreaming (while the mind is empty wif nothing)

ya i'm totally exhausted... *faint*
why my life is like tat???

wat is life? !!!!
i got an answer today by a dear fren, she told me tat ''life is life when you think it is not life''

wat a tough answer... i think i need more time to digest it...
can i have more time day-dreaming??..!! pls..!!! can i have few months holiday??

i donno why i'm like tat...
i hate myself like tat..
i donno how to explain my feelings now.... I DONNO...!!!!!!
i'm helpless..!!! why??..!!! why??..!!! why??..!!!!!!!

can i have more support??...
but wat kind of support i can get??
do i deserved it??

yes i am goin crazy...!!!!




  1. errr... i am searching for someone ar.. i am searching for the happy marooo arr.... where did she go???

  2. dear, get out of ur complicated mind
    back to the old simple minded and happy maro
    will always support u!!!
    dont need to think what life is
    life is just a name for human to live happily and enjoy with friends, family, study, career, target and hope
    u have a life, enjoy life!!!!

    emotion plays us sometimes
    dont ever let it bully u
    i believe u sure can get out of it!!

    support u!!!!
    add oil!!!

  3. YA lo..chean who cheer me up missing jor ar..i dono how 2 cheer u ar siu jie..used u u cheer me wan ma kakaka..."fai loi lo ..." chean..

    hope u b right & happy

  4. hhmmmmm ... i donno wat to say...

    i will add oil....

    hope will be back soon.... but donno how long...

    thx u all


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