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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

bored bored dei, down down dei..

hmmmm... today... is middle of the week jor - wednesday..but why i still like floating (fau har fau har) like tat. hahaa still not in situation gam..
wat am i doin ar?? office work also hardly do.. keep on dreaming and fishing.. really very san fu.... haiz

working really so san fu ar?? why 2 years of working like make myself so tired and so mou lik .. like old ppl my health also getting worst.. for the past 3 months every month sure sick and see twice doctor.. omg....crazy ler.. my antibody also tired strong to fight anymore....hahaa.. schooling have too much holidays?? working no long holidays?? hahaaa but many ppl also say my leaves more than many ppl jor wat i still complaining??. hmmmmm but always take 1 or 2 days leave... where got enuf wan..(i know i'm greedy.. tak chuin chun chek).. but the brain still thinking of the work.. never ending work.. how to rest?? wanna fully rest unless rest in piece lor... hahaa choi choi choi..!!!

i also donno how to explain wat/how i feel... the heart ng shu fuk lor.. the brain heavy heavy lor (stuck jor)... alone tat time quite the moody also.. is tis call stresss??? stress?? wat is stress?? last time exam i also will stress.. feel seems like feel helpless + breatheless.. ahaha so yim zhong jor... got frenz then can stop moody and chat har talk har hea har... but just bluffing ownself jeh... and cant expect ppl 24 hours there to play wif u ge mar... u also cant play 24 hours la...

human is so mau tun... wan tis wan tis hope tat.. why so greedy leh??.. hahaa.. why do ppl work for??.. ask 10 ppl will hav 9 + 1 ppl say for money lor.. no money how to survive?? true lor.. working is wait for everymonth end the salary jeh.. poor employer cos mostly employees also think like tat only mar... i admit wor me also 1 of them.. hahaa.. who can really find a job u like and do happily and enjoying?? i also wanna find 1.... hmmmmm can i?? now cant lor.. i din hav any modal yet.. still need the monthly $$ to survive.. ahaha... haiz.. teng ngang seong la.. sai lou..!!!

errr.. i also donno wat and why i wrote tis wor... jus suddenly think of writing jar... but human brain is like tat.. or jus mine.. hehee.. once think of something feel wan to say out... if just wait a second and think bout it then will hav no courage to pour it out liao... so now i jus don wan wait lar.. think wat jau write ge lar.. ahhaaa.. later read back will feel myself so funny... donno wat i write also suddenly say tis and tat.. (may be tis is wat [bloggie] for, to express ur feeling and to heal urself may be? right??)

today so dark also.. pc suddenly down jor.. yesterday night still ok.. donno why today back home on jau cant even enter the windows... i cant even repair it... haiz... tml hav to send to repair.. ish... (dont ask me why i still can blog la.. cos i got bro's pc looo)



  1. work life sux....

    actually more like...

    TYPICAL work life sux... those 8-5 or 9-6 or even 8-6 ones...

    (in your case is 8.45-5.45)

    back then
    no sleep for 2 days rushing assignment NO PROBLEMMO... can lagi next day feel like young kid... lesser stress

    sat sei ngo la... please kill me.. =.=" sleep for ONE @#$% day and I feel like wanna die liau... feel so much older physically oso...

    I use to laugh at my friends.. sleep b4 12 is for OLD PEOPLE!!.. THE NIGHT IS YOUNGGG... WE STAY UPPP

    now i sincerely apologize to all my friends... and welcoming myself to the "old" comitee liau

    i.e.... work makes us feel older..

    dont get me wrong.. i love my job... but the only thing i hate is the daily in daily out 8-6...

    my future plans would be to do freelance whenever and wherever i want to...and be back who i was back then...
    (and crossing my fingers hopefully i wont be a bum instead)

    which is all just in my dreams la

    cos u r right.. we work for moolah.. and no moolah no food..
    freelance = lesser moolah...
    lesser moolah = lesser food

    F our life la... ish (sorry)

    PS..I came.. I read.. I kacau-ed

    im up rushing my work and now feeling like an old hag....... @#$%%%!!!!

  2. sometimes i also felt myself very lazy when come to office..but still have to work..
    No work No income..sigh...


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