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Thursday, October 11, 2007

11th October 2007 lunchie

Ya today went to MJ for lunch. They finally got set meal jor. But really lazy la them. Breakfast lunch dinner also de same set. Laugh die me jor.

It's printed worth to try then i try lo. Haha but they written halal there .... dont think the malays will come in eat la...... all chinese food...
the set got free drinks.... but hor don't let me change drink to milo ice. Yo... do biz must be flexible mar. Somemore cheaper drink i order. At last colleague change wif me. Haha i'm so nottie.

The food not bad got fried drumstick de chili not spicy jus nice for me. Hee. Eat until me full full.

aaiks... how come hp dint support to rotate the pix geh... =.=!!!

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